Do you face any of the following challenges with public speaking?

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Uncontrollable nerves

  • Not being able to get your message across

  • Brain freezes

  • Not being heard

  • Not knowing how to structure your thoughts

  • Not knowing what to do with your arms and legs

You are not alone. To help you on your public speaking journey this course provides you with practical theory, tips and tools. The course is divided into three pillars: mindset, speechwriting and speech delivery. Check out the course overview below for more details. There is no better time to start working on your speaking skills than now.

Course Overview

  • 1


    • Thought starter

    • Course introduction

  • 2

    Pillar 1: Mindset

    • 01. Overview of mindset

    • 02. Mindset about yourself

    • 03. How to manage your nerves

    • 04. How to boost your confidence

    • 05. How to deal with brain freezes

    • 06. Mindset about your speech

    • 07. The importance of having one key message

    • 08. The importance of the mindset of giving

    • 09. Know how to pratice your presentations

    • 10. Mindset towards your audience

    • 11. Tip to overcome fear of judgment

    • 12. A framework to understand any audience

    • 13. Don't give your confidence away to anyone

    • Test your knowledge

  • 3

    Pillar 2: Speechwriting

    • 14. Overview of speechwriting

    • 15. The speechwriting pyramid

    • 16. Finding the general purpose

    • 17. Finding the key message

    • 18. Different types of structure

    • 19. The tree structure

    • 20. The three point rule

    • 21. Storytelling

    • 22 . Developing the content

    • 23. Slide preparation

    • 24. Speechwriting wrap-up

    • 25. Impromptu speaking techniques

    • Impromptu Speaking Activity

    • 26. Impromptu speaking wrap-up

    • Test your knowledge

  • 4

    Pillar 3: Speech Delivery

    • 27. Intro to speech delivery

    • 28. Overview of voice

    • 29. Speaking at the optimal volume

    • 30. The ideal pace

    • 31. Managing your accent

    • 32. Injecting intonation to enhance engagement

    • 33. Boosting your energy

    • 34. The power of pauses

    • 35. Eradicating filler words

    • Filler Word Activity

    • 36. Overview of body language

    • 39. The ideal posture

    • 40. Controlling your arms and hands

    • 40. Establishing eye contact

    • 41. Moving on stage

    • Test your knowledge

  • 5

    Next Steps

    • Course conclusion and next steps

    • Offer

    • Review

    • Thanks


Sarah Ewen

I am an internationally experienced public speaking trainer, facilitator, coach and speech writer with a desire to actively listen and partnering with others to improve their public speaking at their own pace. I regularly take to the stage myself to deliver speeches, compete in speaking competitions and even braved stand-up comedy. I have a passion for empowering others to feel comfortable on stage with an ability to deliver their key messages in an authentic way. I bring energy, insight and honest feedback and most importantly I have a heart to see YOUR public speaking dreams become a reality.

Tarek Said

I work with people to overcome the fear of public speaking, develop ideas in a clear and concise way and build genuine rapport with the audience. My passion is to empower people to connect with their true inner selves and share it with the world. I believe public speaking training is all about learning how to connect with others. It is not about delivering polished yet robotic presentations, rather it is about developing natural and authentic style. It is a skill that we all need, not only on stage, but also in our everyday life.
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Maxine Sherrin


"Doing this course was life changing. I went from avoiding public speaking at all costs, to seizing every opportunity I can get. It's really given me confidence that I will be able to share my ideas, even in impromptu situations."

Joseph Cowie

United States

"As an already experienced public speaker I found this course a great refresher and I picked up some great practical tips that I can use myself on stage and share with other speakers to empower them. I have seen an improvement in others around me that have implemented these. It is well worth the investment. Thanks, PSL!"

Emily Gan


I completed this course as part of my 2020 goals. I found it to be interactive, interesting and it held my attention. I feel more confident as a speaker and have benefited from coaching from Sarah and Tarek as part of this learning process."